Are Tests an Accurate Measurement of a Student’s Success?

No, I do not believe that tests are an accurate measurement of a student’s success. I have three reasons laid out on why it is not a good system which are, cramming, participation and homework.

The first reason cramming is whenever a student hears there is a test they usually forget about it till a day before or even the day of then they cram the knowledge into their brains to try to pass. Not only does this system work less and less as a student moves up through the school or not even work in some classes but it also becomes a extremely bad habit. I personally think students should have regular quizzes or even pop quizzes to allow the student to get one bad grade and see where they have messed up and also make sure everyone is studying and is understanding the lesson.

The second part on to why test don’t work and shouldn’t work is participation. The student who participates the most in class and answers questions the teacher asks should be rewarded with points. Not only would this system get more students more focused in a class but it also gets more students participating which allows the teacher to get information to specific students and see where they’re struggling. This allows the teacher to reinforce lessons and make sure they understand ahead of the matter instead of seeing a bad grade on a test and wondering why.

The last main point that is wrong with tests to be the optimal way to grade a student is homework. Homework is an amazing idea that involuntarily makes the student study by going over specific problems. I personally see this as a fantastic tool for teachers and students alike that helps the students get ready for college by making problems of their own and solving them thanks to the habit the have acquired from doing homework. However as an amazing tool as this is not only students but teachers as well seem to underestimate the system or not take advantage of it. Students sometimes will simply refuse to do it or underestimate how important it is and forget about it also teachers will only have it be worth about one or two points or barely even hand it out at all.

In my opinion I think teachers should give more homework and have it be worth more, add in class participation to make sure everyone is focusing and up to date and also have more quizzes and pop quizzes to truly make sure everyone is understanding the lesson.