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Back to School
August 29, 2016


Are tests an accurate measure of student success? Tests are not the best way to see how much a student has accomplished. They are too worried about doing well on the test, they can’t work on other things that may or may not be important. All they do is show how much a student can study. Staying up all night is not a good way to go when you have a test the next day. While you study you wonder “Am i going to pass this test?” a question every student has. It is not a very accurate way to tell how smart a student is by taking a test that they put a lot of pressure on you about it.


Tests can be something you study for. Memorization is not something they should test about. A lot of student have trouble studying for any important test due to issues at home or just problems here at school. It’s not so easy to study for a test that you might know nothing of what’s going to be on it. Some tests can mean your future in whatever career you want, you have very little time to study, how do you react?
Homework should be used to show student success, it can also show other things such as responsibility. If students actually do the homework it can show they can do the work if not, then they can ask questions about it to help them understand.