Getting Creative in Art Club

Jacob Van Divner

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Getting Creative in Art Club

Though it has not started this year, Art Club has been a staple in Jefferson for years. Of course due to it being associated with art Mr. Lesko will be in charge of the band of young artists. So with the first meeting for the Art Club coming up this Thursday let’s take a look at last year’s group and see what’s in store for students this year.

The group will consists of the best art talent that Jefferson-Morgan has to offer. With a large majority of the skilled hands in the club graduating last year the numbers may be on the lower side, but be assured that the talent will not be. The best thing that the club does has to be the art show that they put on at the end of the year. This show being a compilation of all the artwork that the club has created over the span of the school year. They raise money through this silent type auction to fund the club itself. There has been many great items up for bid over the years and they have shown no sign of stopping with the production of such great artwork.

With the first meeting of the year coming up soon the club will get to see its 2016 crew. It will be exciting to see the talent that will be brought up this year and hopefully there will be some new faces this year.