The Art Clubs Interesting Project

Jacob Van Divner

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(Photo credits via Eli Rafail)

The art club is responsible for the completion of many projects all around the school like repainting the gym and the cafeteria, putting on the art show every year, and painting the tiles in certain class rooms. There is one project that stands far out from the others though. This would be the life sized replica of Aaron Mylan made completely out of paper mache that is moved around the school. The project as taken on by art teacher Mr. Lesko and senior member of the club, Sydney Kovach.

Mr. Lesko got the idea after showing his class the video of another school who had done a similar project. “After seeing the video i thought to myself that we could definitely do this and even do it better,” said Lesko, “And knew that Aaron Mylan would be the perfect candidate for the job, he’s always down for this off the wall kind of stuff.”

Sydney Kovach also lent a hand in helping with the project. “I was a little surprised that we were going to do something like this. It was a lot different than anything else that we’ve done in Art Club,” said Kovach, “But after several weeks of hard work we finally finished and it ended up great, it actually looks a lot like him.”

Mr Lesko is planning on completing more unique projects such as this one in the future of the club.