Losing Friends

Hayley Palone

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August 29, 2016
(Photo Credit via apracticalwedding.com)

(Photo Credit via apracticalwedding.com)

The most heartbreaking part about high school is losing friends.

Losing friends in high school can be a good thing but then again it can be a bad thing. It really all depends on who the “friend” was. The people that are known as friends can sometimes not be a friend.  People will change for the better or for the worst. The ones that stick around are the ones that truly are a friend. Not everyone will have the same friends they have now when they graduate. If anything, you’ll be lucky to have at least two close friends after graduating from this school.

A few years ago I lost my best friend. In the beginning it was probably the worst thing I had to experience because it’s like losing your other half. The toughest thing about it was walking past each other in the hall way and acting like were strangers to each other. It was the worst feeling knowing I was basically alone. Time went on and I was able to get over it. Everything does happen for a reason. I am currently in a situation where I lost my friend but it wasn’t really a loss for me. I realized that I was better off without having that person around. It was nothing but negativity around me and I didn’t want that.

Losing friends is just a part of how life works. Don’t be friends with people who constantly drag you down, that isn’t something a friend should do. Surround yourself with positive and happy people. My group of friends was so big at the beginning but now it’s just a few people and I’m completely happy with that. I would rather have two good friends than a big huge group of friends who do not acknowledge the fact that I’m there.