Just Cause 3 Game Review

Austin DeFrank

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August 29, 2016
Just Cause 3 Game Review

Just Cause is a game series that is and always has been based around the destruction of cars, buildings, helicopters and anything known to be explosive or moved. Just cause 1 and 2 were very enjoyable and never left players bored. Just Cause 3 really upped their game and to do that is an achievement. The Just Cause games are for sure the most enjoyable games around.


Just Cause 3, like every other Just Cause game doesn’t have any multiplayer mode to it. This doesn’t really put down ratings or make the game less fun considering the past Just Cause games didn’t have multiplayer to begin with. Just Cause 3 on console runs at 30fps with a resolution of 1080p. The graphics in this game are far more better than Just Cause 2’s and will leave past Just Cause fans in awe. This game takes place in a mediterranean environment and the 1080p resolution makes it look absolutely gorgeous. The way the game looks itself should leave the game with a 10/10 rating.


Just Cause 3 has many new features along with the same ones from Just Cause 2, but they are a little bit revamped to fit in with the next-gen functionality. Just Cause 3 features a wing suit. The wing suit in the game will allow the player to fly pretty much anywhere at a fast rate. In the past a grappling hook was used to attach one thing to another whether it was a car to a building, a flying helicopter to a car or even a statue to a helicopter. The grappling hook is still used in Just Cause 3 but the player is allowed to use more than one grappling hook at a time allowing the player to attach multiple things to each other. The grappling hook is also used while using the wingsuit to pull the player the direction the want to fly, which really helps with travel.


Just Cause 3 is all about destruction and stopping a dictator from taking over a country. The player is supposed to destroy or take over enemy strongholds, destroy propaganda such as poster and statues and much more. Not only does Just Cause 3 have a good story behind it, it’s also tons of fun. The player can destroy pretty much anything needed and the player is rewarded for doing so too which makes it even more fun. There is a huge addition to the weaponry, vehicle collection and Easter eggs (hidden things in the game the developers want players to find on their own). The combat in this game is similar to Just Cause 2’s combat which is a good thing because the combat in Just Cause 2 was pretty much flawless.


Just Cause 3 is an amazing game on all levels. This game is full of fun, destruction and interesting missions. Just Cause 3 is a lot better than the past games and that is saying a lot. The graphics are great, the story line is great, the new content is great, there’s about a million things that are great about this game. Just Cause 3 is rated 8/10 by IGN.