Xenoblade Chronicles X Game Review

Xenoblade Chronicles X Game Review

Austin DeFrank, Editor

Xenoblade Chronicles X is a Japanese action role-playing game made for the Wii U console. This game is based around a customizable character who is put in an alien planet to save humanity. This game does feature multiplayer where two players or more can play the story together cooperatively.


Xenoblade Chronicles X runs at 720p/30fps. The resolution of this game is great considering it’s a game made for the Wii U. This game runs smoothly and with very minimal lag. The Wii U isn’t typically a game to give off amazing, 1080p graphics like a PS4 would. The 720p/30fps resolution is pretty good for a Wii U.


Xenoblade Chronicles X is an open world action role-playing game. For being a an open world action game on the Wii U it plays very well with little to no lag at all. The multiplayer server isn’t bad. The connection between players holds up pretty well and there’s not many problems. This game runs pretty good.


Xenoblade Chronicles X’s story begins in the year 2054 as two different alien races are battling each other close to earth. The government sees the close to home battle as a threat and makes everybody evacuate in massive interstellar ships. There was only one American ship that made it out though, “The White Whale”. From there the story then picks up two years later and your character is put on an alien planet to help save the rest of the humans.


Xenoblade Chronicles X is an all around good game. With the console it’s made for and the features the game is given, it is pretty good. This game will keep players interested and playing for a long period of time. This game is full of action and strategy which ties in to make a good game for mostly everybody. This game was rated 8.2/10 by IGN.