Resident Evil Zero Remaster Game Review

Austin DeFrank

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August 29, 2016
Resident Evil Zero Remaster Game Review

Resident Evil games have been round since the first Playstation console has been out. Resident Evil has been one of the most successful game franchises of all time. There have been remakes for most of the classic Resident Evil games, fans can’t get enough of the strategic zombie survival games that Resident Evil games are.

Resident Evil Zero was a great game for the time it was released on the Playstation 1. The remaster of this game is bringing it back to life. The past remasters were successful, as many people have purchased them. The remastered edition of Resident Evil Zero is pretty great. The graphics are revamped, the sound effects are given more clarity and the story, gameplay and characters are all exactly the same as the original which makes this game really good.

This game feels like it is a new, next gen game by the way the graphics are but  Capcom has managed to keep the same classic game feeling as the original. Resident Evil Zero Remaster is a zombie survival game that also takes a good amount of strategy. There are puzzles, confusing wrong turns and scary surprises that will keep gamers on their toes. There are hidden objects as well that can be very rewarding once found. Everything that was in the original version of Resident Evil Zero is in the remastered version.

This game runs smoothly without a problem on Xbox One, meanwhile on the PC you may need a computer that can play games without a problem. Resident Evil Zero Remaster isn’t a very demanding game, but for best results it would be better to use a computer that runs most games smoothly. Xbox One runs this game without a problem. There’s no frame skip or problems with the graphics.

Resident Evil Zero Remaster is a pretty okay put together remaster. Capcom has done everything gamers would look for in a remastered version of a game. The gameplay remains the same as the classic version but there are certain aspects of the games that has been revamped the way today’s gamers would enjoy. This game is very fun, challenging and addicting. This game was rated 6.5/10 by IGN.