Undertale Game Review

Austin DeFrank

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August 29, 2016

Undertale is a spectacular RPG PC game. Everything the player does in the game will matter in the future of gameplay. Every decision matters and builds up the amazing story. This game is unique. The combat mechanics are even unique.

I’m Undertale, you are a human trapped in a world full of monsters. The underground world acts as a prison for the monsters. The story is based around you trying to find your way out. Everything you do will put some sort of impact on the game and the story of the game, even if you reset the game without saving. This game is very unique for doing this.

Undertale runs 60 fps due to the low demands for it to run. It is a 16 bit game so it will run smoothly on most computers. Undertale looks really good when played on a high resolution computer and the gameplay is really smooth. There are some very appealing visual effects in the game as well, it is very pleasing to the eyes.

There is no multiplayer in this game because it is an all single player game. Undertale is very simple yet very amazing. All there is to it is a playable story mode and it is great. There’s really no need for a multiplayer mode for Undertale. This game is good enough to keep multiplayer out of it and still be a fun game for multiple people.

Undertale is a pretty good game. Not only is it unique, but it has a great story to it as well. The combat mechanics are great and the game runs smooth. This game will bring players hours of fun. This game was rated 10/10 on IGN. This game truly is a masterpiece.