The Witness Game Review

Austin DeFrank

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August 29, 2016
The Witness Game Review

The Witness is a game full of secrets, beautiful sights and mysteries that keep a player playing. This game is a fully 3D world navigated in 1st person, but is revolved around puzzle solving, finding secrets and making your way through tough situations. This game is so beautiful that you may forget you’re trying to solve puzzles to make your way through the island.

The Witness is one of the most gorgeous games released. The scenery of the island will keep the players glued to their games for hours. This game features a 1080p resolution and runs at a solid 30fps. The design of the island and the placement of objects is stunning; everything seems to be put there for a purpose. There is a lot to see in The Witness.

The Witness’s puzzles are amazing. The way puzzles are solved is by cutting a line through, over, under and around objects to reach the end of the puzzle and every puzzle you complete brings you to and new view of the island, but you work your way in chronological order of the island. Every puzzle is pretty much another step taken in the island. The line tracing and cutting is amazing as well. The responsiveness of this game is great and leaves players calm.

This game is very relaxing as well as enjoyable. There are no monsters, enemies, or guns. This game is the least frustrating game you can buy. The Witness is hands down the most amazing game a gamer can play to ease their minds and relax.

The Witness is an amazing game. The graphics are amazing, the scenery is beautiful and the puzzles are fun. With it being a PS4 game, it’s not available to everyone which is sad. Everyone needs to play this game. The Witness is rated 10/10 by IGN.