Superhot Game Review

Austin DeFrank

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August 29, 2016

Superhot is a first person shooter that features mind and time-bending puzzles that turns a fats paced game into a slow-motion game. Every time you move, so does the enemies and their bullets. When you stand still, time stands still too which adds some time to react to enemies. This is a unique idea and it makes this game very fun.

Superhot is the first game of its kind. It is very unique and that makes this game popular. When people play a game that’s different from others, they will feel the need to have to play it. When people get their hands on this game they’ll play for hours. Superhot is a very simple game as well, it’s so simple in fact that anyone can lean to play this game in less than 5 minutes.

Superhot’s levels are amazingly simple. The levels are all self-contained and small; they’re also designed in a way that compliments both replayablity and trial and error. Each of the 32 levels seems like they’d all fit together to be ne big map. It’s almost as if each level is actually a small part of a big map. Although the levels may be small, the puzzling enemies and surroundings take time and thinking to get through, the slow motion movement really helps out a lot with that.

Superhot’s slow-motion feature is great. It seems as though it was put together perfectly. The slow-motion movement helps get around enemies and find the way out of the levels. The way bullet dodging looks is awesome too. The mechanics when it comes to combat are simple too. The combat and slow-motion mechanics really work together to make this game good.

Superhot is a pretty good game. There was only one downside to this game that could really be thought of and it was the cheesy story behind it. Other than that this game is pretty great and worth the purchase. Superhot was rated 7.5/10 by IGN.