EA Sports UFC 2 Game Review

Austin DeFrank

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August 29, 2016
EA Sports UFC 2 Game Review

EA Sports UFC 2 is a sports game about the UFC. All there is to do is fight other fighters. Its not the first UFC game either. There have been many past UFC games. The past UFC games have the exact same concept as the new one.

EA Sports UFC 2 is a UFC fighting game pretty much the same as the past ones. There are a few changes though. There are different submissions and counters with different controls to them. The controls are actually somewhat difficult though. It’s weird to jump from EA Sports UFC to EA Sports UFC 2 is weird. There are a lot of things to try to get used to.

EA Sports UFC 2 has a pretty good server. Getting into online matches against other players is easy. Playing with friends is easier though, which makes this game pretty good when it comes to online play. There’s usually no lag or problems with connectivity.

EA Sports UFC 2 takes a lot away from the heart of MMA fighting. The fighting and mechanics this game has to offer aren’t too great. This game seems like it is based around a couple good fighters and the rest are useless. That’s not how it really is but that’s sadly how the game makes it seem. EA Sports UFC 2 doesn’t feel the way it should when you play it.

EA Sports UFC 2 has a few good points to it, but more bad. This game is fun with friends and easily played online, but it doesn’t feel like a UFC game. There was a lot of things that could’ve been thought through more thoroughly before releasing it. EA Sports UFC 2 was rated 6.4/10 by IGN. This game could’ve been a lot better.