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Welcome Back
August 29, 2016
( Photo Credit via Tumblr.com)

( Photo Credit via Tumblr.com)

So as we all know, prom is coming up and everyone is getting tan or sprayed tan. Then there is me know feels left out because I am white as could be compared to everyone else.  Basically I didn’t want to feel left out so thankful the weather was so nice the past weekend. I thought to myself, maybe I could lay out and get a tan. The only down fall was I didn’t have any tanning oil and I wasn’t going to go out of my way to buy some at the moment. I was told that olive oil, Crisco, and baby oil could be used as tanning oil. I thought that Crisco would be too sketchy to use so I just used baby oil.

I lay out for basically four hours, two hours on the front and two hour on my back. It was such a miserable experience because my pool wasn’t up and read so I had to lie on my porch. It was just an unbearable feeling to explain. I could feel my body burning but didn’t really care at the moment because I wanted to be tan. After the four hours of being outside, I decided to take a shower to wash off the oil. I didn’t realize I was burnt until the water hit my skin. I was red as a lobster.

My sun burn is so awkwardly annoying. Half of my body was burnt while the other half was white. It made no sense because it felt that the sun was directly on my entire body but missed out on my left side. Not only was showering a challenge for me, but also along with sleeping. I can’t sleep at all. I have to sleep awkwardly and it isn’t comfortable. I just can’t wait for my sun burn to turn into a tan.