MLB The Show: 16 Game Review

Austin DeFrank

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August 29, 2016
MLB The Show: 16 Game Review

MLB The Show: 16 is an MLB simulation video game for the PlayStation 4 console. There have been many previous MLB The Show games in the past, each one doing better than the last one. The graphics always get better as well as the physics, the roster, controls and online gameplay. MLB The Show: 16 is a great step up from MLB The Show: 15.

MLB The Show: 16 features pretty good online servers. Most games stay lagless while playing against others online. Playing with friends is pretty simple as well; inviting friends isn’t hard at all. There’s a lot of improvements made from the previous online experiences from past MLB The Show games.

This game has very realistic physics. Fly balls fly to full potential and the bounces are amazingly accurate. MLB The Show: 16 ‘s swings,  throws,  running, and sliding physics are great. Even the collision recognition is good. When players run into each other it looks realistic. This game did good on the physics and collisions, it’s a lot better than the past games.

MLB The Show: 16’s graphics are great. This game runs very smoothly at 1080p and looks to be 60fps. It might not be a true 60fps but the graphics really compliment the frame rate too making it seem too good to  be true. This game’s graphics were designed to almost perfection.

MLB The Show: 16 is an amazing baseball game. This game makes playing baseball on a PlayStation seem more real than it should. The graphics, physics and other great qualities make playing this game very enjoyable. MLB The Show: 16 was rated 9.3/10 by IGN.