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Brooke Weir

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Staying healthy and in shape is something that comes fairly easy to me due to participating in sports all year. Most people hate the idea of working out and getting in shape, but I tend to like the idea. Doing special workouts and exercises are some things that I just love to take part in. Before, I would just wait until the season started to get back in shape, but then I realized how hard that was. Sitting around for five months doing nothing but eating, then going straight into running and participating in track made it ten times harder for me to have fun and actually be good at my events. However, this year I decided to change that around.

Starting after volleyball season instead of doing my normal laying around and being lazy, I thought it would do me good to continue to workout. I got many different workout apps on my phone and started training the day volleyball season ended. At first everything started off fairly easy, but then got much harder after Thanksgiving and Christmas. The hardest part about doing my own workouts is sticking to the plan. There were and still are so many times when I want to either skip a day or quit doing them all together. The one thing that is keeping me on track with the workout plan is the difference they made.

Over the past six months that I have been working out, I have noticed a huge change. Running for a longer time and greater distance is not a huge problem anymore because I learned how to regulate my breathing through the workouts, and they got me in a better shape than I ever was before. I am not a person who needs or wants to lose weight, but being and staying in shape is definitely something that I will always want.