Never Grow Up

Brooke Weir

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When I was little growing up and becoming a teenager than an adult was something I was always looking forward to. I really think all children spend time thinking what it is like to be grown up. I personally wish that I would have just stayed little. Being a child life was so easy and the biggest worries were about snacks and nap time. I remember dressing up in my mother’s clothes, just wishing to be like her and grown up. There were no worries as a child and life was so easy. If I could go back in time I would chose to stay young forever.

Being a teenager, life is so stressful and filled with many worries. School is a huge reason for my stress being up.  As we get older, school and everyday life becomes tougher and challenges us more and more. Being little, around the ages of 5-10, and in school was kind of fun and exciting. Those were the ages where the kids either had snack time and took naps, or they got free time and recess. Now, in high school, none of those things happen. The teachers like to see what we can do and how much we can learn in one year. This includes multiple papers and projects all due on the same day, and test after test. Trying to balance a social life into all of that makes everything even harder.

When we were younger everyone was each other’s friends, and we did not have to think about hanging out or who we liked the most. These days people do not know who to trust and planning days to hang out just seems impossible. Between all of the homework and many tests to study for, there is almost no free time in a teenagers schedule. The weekends are even off limits so they can be filled with SAT’s and family days. Looking back at it, I wish I never took the snack and nap times for granted.