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Welcome Back
August 29, 2016

Recently I learned how to ride a hover board. When I say hover board I don’t mean where I get to hover over things. It’s basically a mini segway but is called a hover board. What makes mini segways so great is that they have made the high end advanced technology. Hands free segways have also made a transition from a personal transportation device to a fashion statement. Simply put, two wheel self-balancing scooters are the most hip way to get around and draw more attention than anything else on the road.

I always see my friend Josh ride his around the neighborhood and it looked so easy. Wednesday of last week I decided to try it and see what the big deal was about them. Trying to balance on a hover board was very tricky. As soon as I applied pressure, it took off. I just keep falling off and started to get really irrigated with the board. After a few try’s, I eventually got the hang of it. Basically all you have to do is step on the board quickly and just lean your foot forward to get speed.  It was a pretty cool experience. It was fun because after I got the hang of it, Josh and I decided to have a race with Emily and Bobby.  It was Josh and Emily against Bobby and I. We raced around the block and switched after the finish line. I felt pretty confident on the hover board so I decided to give it more speed than I normal would. Turns out that it wasn’t a good idea because there was a car coming my way and I didn’t know how to act and I wrecked into a ditch to stop. In the end, my team won so it was worth the wreck.

I would love to own a hover board. It’s a fun way to transport to other places and just mess around. But the price to own a hover board is outrageous. Plus I’ve heard how that the boards are a fire hazard. Sometimes when charging the board, they can over heat and catch on fire. On top of that, serious injuries can happen. All I can say is I had fun and feel accomplished that I can officially ride one.