Positives In Social Media

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Tyler Woolen – Editor-in-chief

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Positives In Social Media

Social Media is a very common. Almost every single person in the world has used something involving social media. Possibly music, sending an email, using safari, many things involving social media. Social Media has been a huge positive on my life and others for many reasons.

Without it, I would not have so many friends as I do now. I have met many famous people through it and even became friends with a few. Because of friends that I have made over the internet and met at social gatherings, I have been happier. Many people recognize me places now because of it. For example, whenever I was at a One Direction concert, three girls came up to me and asked for pictures with me. I was shocked because I did not know how they knew me, they then told me and it made more sense.

Having friends outside of my school and connection, they have always been there for me. My internet friends are truly the best types of friends because they are usually the first friends to see how you are doing and if you are okay and happy. My internet friends always make me feel so much better after something sad.

Friends who are not with you all day, everyday, do not get on your nerves as easily as someone who you are with all of the time. You rarely get in fights and your friendship becomes stronger.

If something is ever wrong, some friends will know how you are feeling and connect with you unlike kids who don’t at school or around you.
Social Media can be great to people but also bad. Teenagers, children, and adults should always be alert over the internet. Even though there are plenty of good and real people on the internet, it is always good to be cautious to who you are talking to.