Can Cosmetics Change the Way Women Are Perceived?

The Cosmetic Industry is something that most women will come in contact with in their lives. Some women use makeup on a daily basis, while others only use it for special events. No matter how often a person uses makeup, it can change the way women are perceived.

If a large group of people were brought together and showed different photos of women, some with makeup and some without, they would have different opinions on who was more appealing. In our society, makeup is something that is almost required in order to be considered beautiful.

Something that I have noticed is that girls are wearing makeup at a much younger age. I began wearing makeup in the eighth grade, and it was very minimal. It was not until my freshman year of high school that I began to feel the need/want to wear makeup daily.

Most girls in the seventh grade are wearing full faces of makeup on a daily basis. I did not even know how to properly apply the makeup they are wearing when I was their age. Some of these girls feel as if they have to wear makeup in order to be beautiful.

My fear is that girls will wear makeup at a younger age than they are now. Women need to know that makeup is not required and if they never want to put makeup on, then they do not have to. Makeup is a choice and everyone is entitled to their own.

I personally view makeup as a form of creative expression. I enjoy makeup and the way I look with it on, but it is not something that I wear everyday. I do not feel the need to wear makeup everyday, but that is a choice that I have made.

Women should be viewed equally as beautiful no matter how they present themselves, The Cosmetic Industry has had too much control over the standards of women and it is time that we stop letting them change our view of the way a normal women looks.