Welcome Nathan Bilonick!


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Silhouetted man in the Building

Nathan Bilonick is a new student here at Jefferson Morgan. He is a sophomore and is currently attending the GCTC.

Before attending Jefferson Morgan, Bilonick lived in the West Greene School District. Though he lived in the West Greene School District he did not attend the West Greene High School. He attended Calvary Chapel Christian School.

When asked if he missed his old school Bilonick replied saying, “Yes because it is much smaller than Jefferson Morgan, but I am happy to be here because there are more opportunities to play sports.”

Bilonick’s favorite thing about moving to Jefferson is the fact that he gets the chance to wrestle again. His last school did not offer wrestling to students.

Bilonick is currently studying building and construction at the GCTC and is planning on choosing a career in this field.

When asked why he would like to choose a job in the building and construction field Bilonick answered, “I have always liked working with wood and making stuff, and I work on the side at a construction site.”

Welcome Nathan Bilonick!