Thanksgiving Mania


Thanksgiving is my parents favorite time of year. This year, I will be going to three different dinners for the holiday. I will be having a dinner at my mom’s house, my dad’s, and my sisters’ dad’s house.

After Thanksgiving, my sister will take me to Walmart with her so we can laugh at everyone who is shopping a day before Black Friday. We go there every year and we always find things to joke about.

The next day, I will wake up at five in the morning and go shopping with my mom, aunt, and my cousin. When we go, there are not a lot of people because they always go on Thanksgiving now because of the new deals. We will start in Waynesburg then go to the Robinson Mall in Pittsburgh. When we are almost done shopping, we go out to eat at Red Lobster.

Last year my sister, Hannah, went shopping with us, but this year she will not be going because she will be spending time with her father.

When everyone is done eating, we all pile into the car and head to Ikea. Ikea is always the last stop for us because we like looking at furniture that we wish we had in our homes. My cousin and I like to pretend what it would be like to have all of the expensive things in our imaginary house.

After we walk through the store, we head back home. We will usually get back home around 7 or 8. When I do get home, I usually pass out because I will be exhausted from running around all day.

Even though that day will be busy, it is always great seeing my family.