Heartbreak is more than just an emotional hurting; to some people the pain is very real. At one point or another, everyone will experience this mind numbing feeling, some might not but a huge portion of everyone in the world will.

Heartbreak can be caused from the loss of someone that you knew or were close to. It can be caused from betrayal, disappointment or a change from somewhere you used to live or where you were comfortable at. It might not even be a loss at all but a sense of loss, or the realization that the love of the person you care most for is drifting far from where it had always been.

At an age of 16, people tend to say that they do not go through upsetting relationships, but they do. Some people get let down with emotions while others are in a relationship and it simply does not work out. When people are older, parents for example, they always mention how teenagers are too young to be in love. But how do they know that?

Heartbreak is  pretty common for teenagers. Many go through it. Especially if they like someone at their school. If they do and the other person does not like them back, it hurts them to see that person happy with another.

Heartbreak comes in many ways, but it will always make you a stronger person.