Being The Oldest Sibling

Being the oldest child in my family has not always been fun and is sometimes quite difficult. Through this experience, I have learned many things, both good and bad.

The first thing I have learned through being the oldest child is the importance of setting an example. Younger siblings grow into what they are exposed to, and it is always important to make sure that a good example is set. Young children absorb everything they see, and repeat these things later in life. If a parent or older sibling uses foul language or actions it is almost certain that the younger child will repeat this eventually.

Another thing I have learned is how to share the blame in any situation. I remember so many instances, that are still occurring, of my brother and I fighting, and both of us always took the blame. No matter who truly started it, we were both at fault. This quality may be very useful, and would  help people understand that all the blame cannot be put onto one singular human being.

Being the oldest sibling, I have also learned that life truly is not fair, as cliche as that many sound. There have been so many times that I could not do something or go somewhere I wanted because I had to watch my younger siblings. It is something that is hard at the time, but will not matter as much later.

Younger siblings can sometimes make situations more difficult or complicated, but after all, they will always be there ready to help and support whenever needed. My younger siblings are some of the only people that I have ever known who will always be there for me.