Broken Hearts and Broken Relationships


Relationships are very confusing. Being sixteen, relationships are usually really bumpy. In young relationships, sometimes it is hard for one to fully trust the other since they are so young and dumb. There are different types of relationships, one relationship where both will notify what is going on and what is happening. They trust each other and tell each other almost everything about how they feel. Another relationship would be the one where there is no trust going on.

Sometimes teenagers will mess things up and get their hearts broken; everyone makes mistakes. After getting out of a relationship where your past partner cheated or lost love for you, it is very difficult to trust someone else like you once did. It will take time to be happy without someone again. Also, sometimes after a breakup, one will jump onto a next one swiftly because they do not want to be alone. Their heart may be broken or they are just extremely upset, so they just want someone to “love” them again or at least pretend to.
After everything, it is always good to just breathe and think that everything will be fine. People come and go, especially in relationships. Some people can stay strong together, while others cannot seem to bond like they use to. People don’t need a partner to be happy, it may seem like you do for a while but you do not. Breakups and broken relationships always break a small piece off of you but it gets better and you become stronger throughout all of the ups and downs. You will find the one once you keep growing and everything will fall into place.