Losing Someone


(Photo Credit via youtube.com)

Losing someone who you know or who you love, really gets to you. The mourning process is one of the worst things to go through. At first, it is so incredibly hard to let go of the pain that just hit you. If it is your first loss of someone or even your ninth, it is one of the worst feelings. When the person you knew passes away, it is hard to believe for a week or so. You do not want to admit that they are gone. After you are upset about that, anger comes into your emotions.

Bargaining comes along and then depression hits you. The depression is really difficult to deal with, especially when you are not used to deaths. Even though you may be used to many deaths around you, it is still strongly upsetting. Although losing someone is something that can be talked about, it is impossible to know the feeling of losing someone if you have never experienced it.  

On March 3rd, my friend Ty Kesten passed away. He passed away from injuries due to racing dirtbikes. Even though a year has gone by already, it still hurts to know that he is no longer here. Almost everyday I wonder what would have happened if he didn’t go to the race, if he went to a different one instead. Too many things cross your mind when tragedies happen. No matter if you lose a friend, someone who goes to the same school, or a family member, it will hurt to know that someone you once were with, is gone forever.

A good thing to do to slowly work through the pain would be to think of the happy times that you had with that that certain person.