Book Review: Everything, Everything

Everything, Everything is a novel by Nicola Yoon. This novel was published by Delacorte Books for Young Readers in 2015.

This novel was centered around Madeline Whitter, an 18 year old girl who has severe combined immunodeficiency, also known as “bubble baby disease”. Madeline lives inside of her home, in Los Angeles, and does not leave. Her life consists of her mother, her nurse, and her collection of books, all sanitized.

Madeline lives her routined life, completely unsatisfied with what she has experienced so far, but does it everyday without complaints. This is until a new family moves into the house across the street, and Madeline becomes completely enthralled with the boy next door, Olly.

Throughout the novel Madeline struggles with the fact that she may never be able to truly live her life. She has always has to be very careful with every aspect of her life, but falling in love with Olly may be the biggest risk she has ever taken.

This novel was a wonderful coming-of-age novel. Madeline, though in such a rare position, was such a relatable character. Her story was moving, and was also a very cute romance novel. Yoon uses Madeline’s changing relationship with her mother, and makes it something almost any teenager can relate to.

I recommend this novel to anyone over the age of 16 because it does have some more mature scenes. I believe that anyone could relate to Madeline’s character and appreciate the story. Everything, Everything is an inspiring novel that will make you feel happy, sad, and everything inbetween, and everyone should give it a try