Rocketing into Sections and Wpials

Rocketing into Sections and Wpials

Gavin Teasdale, Editor

The Rocket wrestlers will have one last run at making it to states. Starting Friday February 16th the wrestlers will compete in the section tournament. Starting Saturday February 17th the wrestlers will be competing at the Wpial tournament. Competitors must place in the top 7 or the season is over. Each week it is more difficult to get through. At Wpials, only the top six move on.

All the hard work wrestlers did throughout the year finally come to an end. Post season is the time for wrestlers to show off their talent. Some wrestlers fall under pressure, while other wrestlers let it drive them as it can add fuel to the fire. Anything can happen in post season, it just comes down to who is the better wrestler. Taking a loss means having no one else to blame.

After the section and Wpial tournament next weekend, those who advance go to regionals. After the regional tournament, wrestlers will have an opportunity to compete in the state tournament.

All the hard work for wrestlers pays off at the end of the year. All the time spent cutting weight and working towards long term goals finally comes to an end.