Jefferson-Morgan Rocket Band to Perform at Buckwheat

Michael Pochron

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A Final Farewell
May 24, 2017

On Thursday, September 29th the Jefferson-Morgan Rocket Band will be traveling to the 75th Annual Preston County Buckwheat Festival in Kingwood, West Virginia. This will be the band’s second judged parade of the year, therefore making attendance critical for this event.

This parade is extremely important to any band member not only because it’s a judged parade but it’s also our chance to get back at our rivals, Carmichaels and take home the first place trophy for our section. This parade is also the most unique one due to it not being a parade during the day but rather during dusk. This greatly reduces fatigue due to not having a blazing sun constantly staring at us but will still be extremely tiring and difficult. This also differs from the normal parades because the majorettes will be using special batons that have glow sticks at the end of each side and the drum line will be using a special pair of mallets that light up every time they hit the drum.
The parade will be no easy task and will require tons of practice and dedication. So to any band member who wants to beat Carmichaels and show everyone that we still have the same fighting spirit that we had two years ago, when we not only got first place but also won every single parade for that year, then please attend our after school practices on September 20, 22 and on the 27th. To anyone who wants to support to our band then please consider a road trip to the festival on the 29th and help cheer us on.