New Promises of Change

I am, in all honesty, probably not as interested in the presidential election as I should be. I have definitely been more interested in the past elections then I am in this specific election. I am not going to say that I am not interested at all, but I am positive that being more interested would not hurt me or anyone for that matter.

I think that possibly one of the reasons I am not as interested as I should be is because I am not even old enough to vote just yet. If I had the option to even have an opinion in this situation then maybe I would put more interest and time into this election. Once I turn 18 I will be able to vote and I think that is when I will begin showing much more interest in the elections.

The election itself interests me the more that I begin to think about it. Putting our country’s fate in the hands of a single person is a scary thought, but that is what has to be done. We as a country have to come together and make a decision that is going to affect not just history, but every single one of our lives.

I would like to become more interested in the elections because I know that it would be good for me as a person. In order to be an active member of society then I believe I need to start making a difference and becoming more involved.