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  • The 2020-2021 Kindergarten Pre-Registration Form is now available!
  • Jefferson-Morgan Virtual Challenge 5 Hobbies is due to Mrs. Fulks via email by May 25th
  • Make sure you do your FIDS 30,31,32 by Friday!
  • Flexable Friday's will be for any student who needs to make up their work for the week! The work is due at 12 A.M.


Shae Bedilion, Contributor

April 11, 2016

Once a student from an elementary school graduates, they have the ability to pursue middle school and high school, of course; however, with higher grades come higher responsibilities and opportunities for these students. Mainly, stu...


Ayanna Davis, Contributor

April 11, 2016

Scheduling courses online is very helpful now compared to what we use to have. Here at Jefferson Morgan we would write on a piece of paper what classes we wanted to take and give them to our guidance counselor. It was always so hec...

The Ease of Online Scheduling

Adam Tharp, Contributor

April 11, 2016

Online scheduling makes the whole scheduling process easier in many different ways. It helps ease anxiety, it lays all the options out for students, and it is fast and effective. Doing scheduling online can help reduce anxi...

Scheduling Scramble

Cory Tretinik, Contributor

April 11, 2016

Scheduling for the next year can be a trying process. One has to figure out what classes they want or need in order to pass, as well as what classes they haven’t taken. The limited number of electives offered at this school...


Makayla McNett, Contributor

April 11, 2016

Recently, our school finished scheduling and I think it is a very exciting thing. I am very excited for my sophomore year and the classes I will be taking. I am excited to be taking Journalism 2 and learning more about Journal...

New courses

Silvia Metz, Contributor

April 11, 2016

Usually when the school year starts,  the first thing I look forward to are all my new classes. I am really only looking forward to four of my courses next year.  Those courses are basic chemistry, Art, French and history class. I...

Scheduling for the Future

Savannah Saesan, Contributor

April 11, 2016

Scheduling courses online helps ease scheduling first off because that way students do not have the fright of leaving it or losing it somewhere. They also can look at their new schedule any time so they can be prepared for the...

Making It More Efficient

Braylee Pierce, Contributor

April 11, 2016

Scheduling online has made the scheduling much easier and more efficient for students to do. Scheduling online saves time for both students and teachers alike. Instead of taking a long time scheduling and students getting confused...

Scheduling Opportunities

Eli Rafail, Contributor

April 11, 2016

As always, the Jefferson-Morgan School District, particularly in the high school, always looks to give students the best and most diverse opportunities that it possibly can.  The schedule is ever-evolving and attempts to create the best...

New Classes, New Knowledge

Michael Pochron, Contributor

April 11, 2016

A class that seems very interesting and is actually on my schedule for next year is Intro to Engineering. Intro to Engineering is taught by Mrs. Simatic and this class builds up and fortifies the base that all engineers need. T...

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