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  • Grand March tickets will go on sale Thursday, April 25th, They are $3 each and get you in 15 minutes early!

  • All students are urged to fill out the Grand March form which can be found in your emails!

  • Any girl intersted in running for Miss Rain Day 2019 should turn in their applications before May 1st!

  • The Art Show & Sale will be on May 8th from 6-8 in the JM High School Cafeteria

School Needs To Start Later

Ivy Cramer, Contributor

March 5, 2018

Filed under Student Voices 2018

Every kid says it, school starts too early. Teenagers are just told to go to bed earlier, or to stay off their phones then they would be prepared for the next school day. Parents and adults alike come back with that kids are too tired ...

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