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  • The 2020-2021 Kindergarten Pre-Registration Form is now available!
  • Jefferson-Morgan Virtual Challenge 5 Hobbies is due to Mrs. Fulks via email by May 25th
  • Make sure you do your FIDS 30,31,32 by Friday!
  • Flexable Friday's will be for any student who needs to make up their work for the week! The work is due at 12 A.M.

Wi-Fi or No Wi-Fi

Morgan Kutek, Contributor

May 24, 2016

Jefferson should have Wi-Fi for the student body. The school would become more liked per say, because the students would be able to use their phones without using up data. Parents of the student body not only pay taxes, but al...

Public or Student Wi-Fi?

Madelyn Van Divner, Contributor

May 24, 2016

Jefferson-Morgan should open Wi-Fi for the students to use because they allow students on their phones at some points during the day this would just make it easier for them. As of right now we are allowed to use them if the...

Not Connecting

Savannah Saesan and Contributor

May 24, 2016

Jefferson-Morgan should not open Wi-Fi up to the students. Students are already on their phones all the time. Teachers do allow phones but not when they are distracting, and in most cases teachers end up taking the phones away...


Shae Bedilion, Contributor

May 24, 2016

Jefferson-Morgan should not open Wi-Fi for public use; while internet connection can provide benefits, such as search engines that could ask questions that students have or easy access to digital study guides, they also have th...

Having Wi-Fi in the School

Eli Rafail, Contributor

May 24, 2016

Wi-Fi is an extremely beneficial tool in today’s society.  It’s used by mostly everybody within their own home as well as in public facilities such as restaurants and stores.  Even some school districts offer free Wi-Fi to t...

Wi-Fi for Everyone!

Braylee Pierce, Contributor

May 24, 2016

Jefferson Morgan should definitely open Wi-Fi for everyone. Wi-Fi that would be available for everyone would be a great addition to Jefferson-Morgan. It would open up many great opportunities for students and would make their...

Wi-Fi Tool for Success

Kayla Pendland, Contributor

May 24, 2016

Every device that most students and teachers have runs on Wi-Fi. iPhone, iPads, laptops and any smart phone uses Wi-Fi and it is a way not to use up data. If our school had Wi-Fi for the whole student body it would help students...

Wi-Fi Would Help

Dalton Fowler, Contributor

May 24, 2016

Jefferson Morgan should open Wi-Fi for only the student body and only the student body. You must go to the school to be able to use it also. Having our own Wi-Fi at the school would benefit us all so well, it wouldn’t hu...

Importance of Wi-Fi

Krista McCartney, Contributor

May 24, 2016

Jefferson Morgan should open Wi-Fi because some people need to use their phone during school hours. Maybe someone posted something on Facebook that they want to see and they don’t have any data then how are they supposed to...


Ayanna Davis, Contributor

May 24, 2016

Most people think that being on our phones distract us from what teachers are teaching us, but does it really? Obviously if we are on our phones the entire class then yes, we will be distracted, but most of the times we use th...

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