The Show Must Go On!

Elsa Roberts

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(Photo Credit via Elsa Roberts)

Is the Jefferson Morgan Drama club meant for you? Our director, Christian Wilson,  helps sponsor the show and pays for most of the props you might have seen on stage. The function of this club is to bring a musical or skit to play live-action in front of you. You may have seen some of the shows, but  if you haven’t you are in for a treat.

The productions for 2021-2022 season were “The Little Shop of Horrors” and “Bad Auditions By Bad Actors.” This year, students performed   “The Death of Trotsky”,  and “The Wild Bunch of Women.”  In March, drama students will present an up and coming musical called “Ranked”. The dates for the performance are March 16th-18th at 7 PM and 2PM on March 19th.

A student can become a member by talking to someone who is involved in  Drama club or by emailing the director at [email protected]