Flexible Instruction Day


(Photo Credits Via SketchPort)

FID’s, flexible instruction days, are for students and staff to make up a full school day when not being able to come into school for snow days.  FID’s allows students to not have to make up a school day later on in the future for any reason following the cancellation of that day of school. It keeps students up to date and helps them practice for the next day after school.

FID is short for Flexible Instruction Days. The Jefferson-Morgan school district has been approved to use up to five FID’s throughout the school year and will not count as a day that both student and staff have to make up.

Although there are cons to this recently new addition to the school, there are a lot of pros. These include that FID’s allows students to still have days off that were supposed to be off. It allows teachers to know where they are at on a subject for the next day and practice for the students.

Some cons of FID Days are that if you do not do the work it counts as an absent which if not turned in an excuse it turns into an unexcused. If students do not do the work it later becomes a zero which can effect grades for the final nine weeks. Another con is if students do not have electronics to do the work.

FID Days can be very compatible for students and staff. To learn more about these days go to https://hsms.jmsd.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=1656042&type=d&pREC_ID=1802841