What’s the Plan?

(Photo Credit) Aubrey Holliday

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Whats the Plan?

Deciding what to pursue after high school is probably one of the hardest things to decide to do. Some students decide they want to further their education by attending a college, others students decide they want to start working right away. Being a senior and figuring out what the best decision is for you can be difficult.

Some students are just so excited to graduate high school so they never have to do school work again. They either know what they what to do with their life or school and college just isn’t for them so they will just enter the workforce upon graduating. In society today we have multiple jobs and careers to pursue that this is successfully possible. Not all careers require a college degree for students to be successful all students don’t have to attend college. There are students that want to further their education but not at a four year college or university, instead they decide to attend a trade school and community college to be taught and trained in the exact job field they are pursing their careers in. Other seniors are ready to begin their new journey in life by attending a college or university and starting a new chapter in their life. By attending a college students will experience a whole new setting then what they’re used to and become a more independent individual.

As a senior in high school deciding what you want to do with the rest of your life at such a young age can be scary, not knowing if you are making the right decision or not. Sometimes making mistakes in life are the only things that help you make it through successfully. Some students have to experience something they hate to decide what they actually want to do.