Coming to an End

(Photo Credit) Aubrey Holliday

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Coming to an End

When people talk to seniors they use the word last more than any other and makes students realize that the end is near.

As a student, high school sports are one of the hardest things to realize you may never play again. Parents and other students always ask if you’re excited to participate in your last game during your high school career and maybe at the time you say yes but then you realize it’s going to be one of the hardest things to give up. Having played the sport all through school with the same group of students is something you get used to, something that becomes normal to do in your schedule. When in season, most teams practice everyday and you become attached to your teammates. At that last event you all play together it can just become an emotional event. Knowing that next year you will be able to come back to school and watch the game being played but not participate is a change that will take time getting used to.

Seniors also have their last high school formal and students make some of there best memories at dances. Girls probably enjoy it more than the guys because they are able to get dressed up for the night and take pictures that they will cherish forever with all of their friends. The thought of most seniors is, the next time the whole class will be together again is at a class reunion.

It is challenging to think that a lot of things students participate in, in high school will be the last time they will again. For some students they hate to see it all end but maybe they will enjoy their new beginning.