Being an Only Child

(Photo Credit) Aubrey Holliday

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Being an Only Child

Growing up as an only child has been an experience. When we had to tell stories in class, all through school I never had embarrassing or funny stories to tell about a sibling because I didn’t have any.

When I was younger, I always had mixed emotions about having a brother or sister. At times, I wanted a sibling because I wanted someone to play with and make crazy memories with but at the same time I enjoyed being the only child and getting all the attention. As I got older I wanted nothing to do with a brother or sister.

As a child I learned how to entertain and play things with myself. When my family and I had parties to go to and their were other kids there playing I never wanted anything to do with them. Growing up in a house with just my parents I was used to always being around adults, so even when there were children around to play with, I was not interested and playing with them.

Being raised around more adults than children I seemed to mature a lot faster. I never wanted to go play I always wanted to sit and be with the parents and talk with them.

Most children when they are younger think having a sibling would be exciting and I was one of those kids. Now being grown up I’m glad I was raised being the only child. It has been a learning experience and I still love having all the attention from my parents.