Bittersweet Moment

Brooke Weir

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(Photo Credit via Cait Dugan)

Last night, October 20, was senior night for volleyball. Going into the game, and knowing it would be the last time I ever played on that court, brought along many different emotions. Before the varsity game started, we did the traditional walk, where our parents walk us across the court while Mr. Moore announces our activities and future plans. Walking the court with my parents, while my brother and grandparents were in the audience watching, brought the mixture of emotions. I was excited to play the game and bring a great ending to senior night, but I was also upset. Even though I did not cry, which took a lot for me to not do, I knew that this was it. There was no next year to look forward too and no more playing with all the other amazing girls on the team.

During the game, I could not of been more excited. Being able to play my heart out and have my family there to watch really meant a lot to me. Our volleyball team was able to get the W, which brought my night together. The one thing that I could not wait to do was look at all the gifts we got. The most important gift of the night was the flowers and teddy bear from my grandfather. His wife, my grandmother, passed away about a year ago and the teddy bear that he gave me was hers. Also, the flowers that I got where her favorite kind. My grandfather told me that even though she was not there in person, she would always be there in spirit.

In all, my senior night was amazing and I could not of asked for a better one. Everything went great, and I know for sure that every senior really had fun and played their heart out on the court.