Never Grow Up

Brooke Weir

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(Photo Credit via Balin Ramella)

Seeing my younger cousins is always a fun time for me. This past weekend, my youngest cousin, Mya, had her third birthday party. I am always very excited to hang out with these kids and see how much they changed from the last time I have visited them. For her party, all of the family went to her house to celebrate, including the other two young cousins, Balin and Mazzi, who sadly moved to New York. Being able to see these three kids and hang out with them allows me to be a child again and remember what fun it was.

Over the weekend I spent two straight days with Mya, Mazzi, and Balin. During those two days, we painted pictures, played with Play-Doh, bubble guns, and many other things. Watching these kids, especially the two girls, trying to paint made me so happy. I remembered what fun it was to not have any worries or cares in the world. Their imaginations were wide open, and even though I had no clue what they were painting, the girls claimed it was amazing. Balin, being seven years old, his imagination was a little better and so were his art skills. All three of these kids got so much joy out of something very little.

Spending time with these kids will never get old. They continue to remind me that I never want to grow up, and stay young forever. Having the energy to run around with them and entertain them, brings a smile to my face.