Thirteen Reasons Why

Brooke Weir

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Thirteen Reasons Why is a book about a young girl named Hannah Baker who commits suicide. Hannah leaves thirteen tapes, each with one reason, or person, explaining why she did this to herself. In the book, Clay Jensen receives the tapes and is very confused and surprised. Clay could not believe that he was on one of these tapes because he thought he and Hannah were friends, and he even liked her more than that. As Clay continued to listen to these tapes, he realized how horrible some people were. They all bullied Hannah in some way and got away with it, or so they thought.

Clay did not see everyone as he once did, but now he saw them as they truly are. Clay Jensen finally noticed all of the bulling that happened and the harsh words that come out of just about everyone’s mouth, even the nicer ones. As Hannah talks about all of the horrific events that happened to her, she finally reaches Clay’s tape. She knew he loved her, and he even loved her back, but he could not help. Clay cared, but he did not care enough.

Thirteen Reasons Why is a book that should be taught in public schools. Depression, bulling, and suicide are real.  This book teaches readers what words can really do to a person. It also reminds them to think about what they are saying before they actually say it. Someone can mean something as a joke, but that person can take it seriously.