Myrtle Beach

Brooke Weir

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For the next nine days I will be at Myrtle beach for my brothers graduation. I am very excited because I have not been to the beach for over five years. Where we will be staying is right on the beach so I know that I will be in the water every possible minute. My brother is also very excited because he has not had time to go to the beach yet even though he has been down in Myrtle for three months. He has been calling me everyday the past week informing me of everything that there is to do down there, I think he is excited to finally have someone else down there to hang out with.

I am also excited to be going because I will get to hang out with my brother. He was able to come home for Easter break, but it was not a long trip. I am happy to be spending a lot of time with him. Even though he will still have to work, we already made lots of plans together. He found the best restaurants and places to shop and even figured out the days that we can go to the beach.

I know that this will be a fun trip. Everyone will have a blast and we are all excited to get to see my brother graduate once again. Also, I will be at the beach and no one can be anything but happy while they are at the beach.