Jeffree Star Building His Own Beauty Empire

Jeffree Star is making an impact in the beauty industry through his cosmetics line, and his Youtube channel. He started out as a singer-songwriter and makeup artist, and has since then created many of his own products, which have been very successful.

Jeffree attracted attention through his crazy makeup looks, and outgoing personality. His music gained popularity around 2009, and gained attention because of its controversy.

Jeffree started creating looks with makeup when he was only 12 years old. “I’ll never forget the first thing I picked out. It was this red shadow that I put on my eyes and thought looked really cool. I kept that secret until 10th grade, and then I started wearing makeup to school,” Jeffree said according to Nylon. “I loved fashion magazines. I would see ads for Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton with models in avant-garde makeup looks, so I started recreating them.”

Jeffree began his Youtube career recently, and was unsure about creating videos. At first, he did not want to share his techniques, but decided that the beauty industry needed something new. “I’m stepping in,” Star said according to Nylon. “I only started posting videos in December of last year, and my channel has blown up.”

Jeffree’s makeup line is cruelty free, vegan, and very popular. Jeffree plans to release many new items in his cosmetic line, and encourages everyone to be creative and do what they love.