Teens and Self-Esteem


Low self-esteem is a way of thinking in which one views him or herself as inadequate, or incompetent. Over 70% of girls ages 15 to 17 avoid everyday activities when they feel bad about the way they look. They avoid things such as going to school and participating in normal daily activities. Overall, about 20% of teens will go through depression before they reach adulthood.

Insecurity and learning how to love oneself is a major part of growing up, but insecurities can affect people differently. The effects can have a different intensity, depending on a person’s mental strength and environment. Teenage years can bring stress, pressure, and major anxiety, which can then lead to depression, which is unfortunately the case for many teens.

Many teen girls face problems with the way they look because of the media and an image that is projected upon them. Research has been done, showing that certain advertisements can lead to body image issues and eating disorders. The average American encounters about 3,000 advertisements a day, and a large amount of these are centered around an unrealistic body type. “Women and girls compare themselves to these images everyday,” Kilbourne said according to Harvard. “And failure to live up to them is inevitable because they are based on a flawlessness that doesn’t exist.”

Advertisements like this can create a kind of disconnection between women, and make women feel guilt for simply eating.  Women and teens need to learn to love themselves, and one another. If body positivity was more common, eating disorders and depression would then be less common.