Amazon Offering Beauty Samples


(Photo Credit via Flickr)

With Amazon becoming a more popular website for all different types of beauty products, the company decided to begin offering beauty samples on select hair, skincare, and different cosmetic products. The company is calling this feature Prime Samples, but there is only one catch; you have to be a Amazon Prime member.

The samples are offered in a variety of sizes, and have been said to last users much more than one use. The best thing about this offer is that it is a wonderful way to discover new beauty products. The program is selling the samples for $2-$4 (depending on the product), and the price later goes back to buyers accounts as credits that can be redeemed towards buying a full-size beauty product from the same brands of the samples. This makes the samples ultimately free, if you shop the right way.

The shipping is free and samples arrive in approximately 4-5 business days. The credits are added to the buyers account after the samples have shipped, and they expire in 180 days. According to Teen Vogue, “It’s like a coupon that won’t get lost in your purse, but instead go towards your next beauty splurge”.