Toxic Friendships

Tyler Woolen

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( Photo Credit via Wiki Commons )

( Photo Credit via Wiki Commons )

Many may know about toxic friendships. The most difficult thing is, how do you get out of the situation?

Most of the time, that toxic person just wants stuff from you. They don’t usually care about you all of the time, they just fake things and want things. Losing a “friendship” with someone who is toxic can make your life so much better. You will realize that you are better off and everything will get better from there.

Toxic is more of the meaning of: Some people in life are kind of a drag — annoying, difficult, demanding, or otherwise unpleasant. These people are not “toxic,” in the strict sense of the term. They’re just generally undesirable. With this (admittedly large) group of people, you might want to create a little distance, but you won’t have the same urgency to cut them out of your life. These people will make your life very negative and try to control you.

Cutting toxic people out of your life can blow up in your face in cases. With that being said, it’s absolutely crucial to remove these people from your life in a healthy and rational way. So how do you go about removing these toxic people from your life and reclaiming the time and energy you’ve been giving them?

You need to accept that there will be a process of this doing, you will not need to owe them an explanation so don’t, don’t try and argue with them, and set your boundaries.

You will get through it and once you do, life will feel lifted. You will start to begin to feel a lot happier than you were before.