Christmas in Pittsburgh


(Photo Credit via Flickr)

With Thanksgiving coming up very soon and the holiday season coming about, many people are beginning to participate in holiday activities. For the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, some of the most memorable times can be the ones you spend with your family. These times can be spent at home watching movies or going out to special events. There are many events in our area where families can spend time this holiday season.

Tonight, Light Up Night will be happening in Pittsburgh. This is the marking of the holiday season, and is just the start to many fun activities. Light Up Night includes Christmas markets, live music from local and popular musicians, and culminates. The night will be ended with a fireworks show.

Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland is a newer attraction in our area, but it is said to be something everyone should experience. They transform Butler’s Fairground into a magical sound and light show that you can experience while driving around in your car.

Another activity that must be done in Pittsburgh is ice skating at PPG Place’s Courtyard. During the holiday season, the courtyard of PPG Place is transformed into a Christmas wonderland where people can ice skate all around a beautiful Christmas tree.

All these activities are great examples of events going on near us this holiday season. Going out with family members is always fun, but holidays are just as fun when spending quality time at home with family members.