James Charles’ Colaboration with Morphe Has Sold out Again


(Photo Credit via Flickr)

James Charles is a 19 year old makeup artist who has became very popular in the beauty community in the past few years. He became a household name after he became the first ever male Covergirl. In November of 2018, Charles launched a collection in collaboration with Morphe. The collection was highly anticipated in the beauty community so when the collection was finally released, everything sold out in less than 10 minutes.
The Sister Collection consists of the “James Charles Eyeshadow Palette” and the “James Charles Brush Set”, and everything in this collection sold out yet again on December 6th, after being restocked for the holiday season.
The palette features 39 shades ranging from neutral tones to very vibrant colors. The palette has a  mix of traditional eye shadows and pure pigments.
Yesterday on January 4, the palette was once again restocked. Morphe, and James Charles announced the restock of the palette on social media, and once again shortly after being restocked, the palettes were sold out.
If you are trying to get your hands on the Sister Collection, make sure you keep an eye out for any social media updates from either Morphe or James Charles himself.