Tarte Releases Gen-Z Makeup Line Called “Sugar Rush”


(Photo Credit via Flickr)

Tarte has recently announced that they will be releasing a brand new, more affordable, makeup line that is targeted specifically to teens and women in their twenties. The new line is vegan and completely cruelty free and is called “Sugar Rush.” All of the products from this line are under $30.

The makeup line includes items from mascara, glittery eye shadow palettes, and sunglasses. All the products were created to be simple and help women create a beginning makeup routine. They allow women to have fun with makeup without pushing their boundaries too far. The campaign features a group of untouched Tarte fans, as known as the “Sugar Squad,” so that costumers can get an idea of what the makeup looks like in real life.

The packaging includes bright colors that will attract young people. Instead of intimidating bright colors and dark makeup for people who already have a foundation, this allows people to build their own foundation with great products.