Lifting As A Student Athlete

(Photo courtesy from picryl.)

(Photo courtesy from picryl.)

For many students across the world, athletics are very important in their lives. Setting themselves apart from others is a common goal among student athletes, and preparing themselves to meet this goal is crucial. Weight training is a great way  to prepare and give students an advantage for upcoming seasons.

Although, there are many things that are forgotten and overlooked. These aspects include simple things such as range of motion, stretching, and rest.

In many high-school gyms many fundamentals are often forgotten and overlooked. One problem that is very common is range of motion. Range of motion is a measurement of movement around a joint, and it is a key to building muscle and success as a student athlete. One way to improve range of motion is lighting the load that is being lifted, and focusing on proper form.

Although, stretching is one of the most important elements in weightlifting it is usually pushed to the side. Stretching may be the most important item for student athletes, because it increases flexibility in major lifts, improves flexibility, and allows blood flow to the athletes muscles.

Finally, one of the biggest misconceptions is to workout everyday. Rest is a key factor in muscle build among student athletes because resting replenishes muscles which allows athletes to perform at peak levels.

While achieving success as a student athlete is an aspiration for many, preparation for upcoming seasons is a great way to set themselves apart.

Remembering the basics and practicing proper technique are two important rules for students to prepare themselves.