Regaining Energy

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Joshua Wise

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Calories are one of the most important substances you can put into your body. Athletes especially need extra vitamins and minerals especially after a workout.

Food is a very important part of the regaining energy process. The human body requires a lot of protein and whenever you eat these proteins the amino acids in the food is broken down and turned into glucose. After the energy is used up through these amino acids they are broken down in your kidneys and disposed of through urination.

Sleep is a good way to regain your energy as well as taking naps say most health professionals. Another way you can keep your energy up is to stay away from drinks that have a high sugar content level. Another tip from Harvard Health Officials says that a lot of water is needed so that you can sustain this high energy level.

Another tip is for you to lighten your workload by lessening the amount of stuff you do in a day. The reason you should do this is because often times people jam pack their schedule with many different things to do which leaves them fatigued at the end of the day.

In conclusion, the human body has many different needs and it is our job to make sure we fulfill those needs by doing everything we can to keep our bodies healthy.